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TGIF Coupon

Here is a coupon I found for T.G.I Fridays which expired June 30, 2011. $5 off of $15 purchase!


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This morning I found a coupon that should make shopping really fun this weekend. 10$ off of 25$ shopping spree at J C Penny! Click here

Have fun shopping.

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Over the past couple of weeks I have been wondering about something… What do you do if you have made the biggest mistake in your life and now there is no way to fix it?

Maybe I should call this a rhetorical question and leave it at that.

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I love…

COUPONS!!! Not using coupons whenever possible is such a waste of money!! My hard earned money will go where I please…

This morning I found this – IHOP coupon for 3 FREE MEALS!!! Worth it, I say so!!


I also found this – Quizno’s celebrating their 30th anniversary by giving away free sub or free salad.


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